Free Crosswords Puzzles For Children - Free Crossword Puzzle Games for Kids

Crosswords Puzzles Games for Kids - Play Crosswords Puzzles and Improve your English Vocabulary. Instructions on how to Play Crossword Puzzles Games are given below. Children can play these crossword puzzles using Mouse or Keyboard. Scroll down for detailed instructions.

Free Crosswords Puzzles for Children - Online Crossword Puzzles Games for Kids

crossword puzzle
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How to Play Crosswords Puzzles

For Kids who like to play using Mouse

Mouse Click


Click on an unselected square

Select the square clicked on.

Click on the selected square

Change between Across and Down.

Click on a clue

Select the corresponding word.

For Children Who Prefer to Play using Keyboard




Enter the typed letter into the square.

space bar

Change between Across and Down.


Clear the selected square.


Clear the selected square, or the previous square
if the selected square is empty.

arrow keys

Select the neighboring square.


Select the next word.


Select the next word.


Select the previous word.


Select the first square in the selected word.


Select the last square in the selected word.

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