Children What Am I Riddles - Kids Puzzles

Kids What Am I Riddles or Childrens What Am I Riddles are interesting Kids Puzzles which makes childrens brain work to find answers to the puzzles. Here are some Children What Am I Puzzles which will make them busy for a while.

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Kids What Am I Puzzles - Part 1

1) What am I Riddle 1

You heard me before,
Yet you hear me again.
Then I die, 'Till you call me again

What am I?

2) What am I Riddle 2

I was walking down Mulberry Lane
I met a man doing the same
He tipped his hat and drew his cane
And in this rhyme I said his name

What was the man's name?

3) What am I Riddle 3

I am a tale in children's' minds.
I keep their secrets and share them inside.
I blur their thoughts into fantasies kept
Like a canvas of art or a submarine depth.
Though an illusion, it occurs every night;
I give them a fantasy, I give them a fright.
Nor good or bad, but always nigh’
It’s interesting to tell.

What am I?

4) What am I Riddle 4

I have a hundred legs, but cannot stand.
I have a long neck, but no head.
I cannot see, but I'm neat and tidy as can be.

What am I?


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Answers to Kids What am I Riddles Part 1

1) An Echo
2) Andrew (Check the third line)
3) Dream
4) A Broom

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