How to Choose the Best Baby Skin Care Products for your Little Ones

As the newborn babies have very fragile and sensitive skin, baby skin care products are necessary to enrich your baby’s skin and reduce irritations and rashes. It is important to protect your baby’s skin with safe baby skin care products. Baby’s skin is highly sensitive to chemicals and you have to choose the gentlest skin care products for your baby. Any factors such as chemicals, fragrances, dyes and detergents can cause harmful effects to your baby’s health.

When it comes to baby skin care, most mothers prefer natural baby skin care products. Natural skin care products do not contain additives or preservatives. A variety of natural skin products are available for baby’s body and hair care. You should take extra care when you purchase for baby soaps, baby creams, baby lotions, baby shampoos, body wash, baby laundry detergents and more.

Tips to select the Right Baby Skin Care Products for Your Little Ones

1) Massaging oils and lotions are necessary for your baby’s skin. When you choose oils, make sure it is free from petrochemical substances. Always choose products that contain gentle preservatives. Some baby lotions consists lanolin that contain relatively high percentage of pesticide. 

2) Never choose an antibacterial soap for your little one. You can choose baby soaps containing olive oil, coconut oil or herbal extracts. It is good to apply a gentle baby lotion after soaping.

3) Baby powders contain tiny particles, and fragrance in powder may cause allergy and irritation. You can choose a scent-free powder for your little one.

4) Choose detergents that are mild and baby friendly.

5) Mild kids shampoo products are best for your little one. Avoid baby shampoos containing synthetic fragrances, allergenic preservatives, artificial colors etc. Avoid baby shampoos containing Parabens, Phthalate, Propylene Glycols and Quaternium.

6) You can choose baby care products that include mild preservatives such as vitamins A, C, and E and phenoxyethanol.

7) Baby products containing nitrosamines, 1,4 dioxane and formaldehyde may cause irritation to baby’s skin.

8) It is always good to do a spot test before using a new baby care product. Apply a small amount of skin care product on your baby’s arm and monitor for a full day. If there are any red patches or any irregularity occurs on your baby’s skin, discontinue the product.

Most baby skin care products you found on shops are labeled as gentle. But before buying any kids skin care products , you should carefully read and understand the labels on baby skin care products. Always avoid baby skin care products with unknown ingredients.


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