Benefits of Yoga for Kids & Children

Here are some of the major benefits of Yoga for Kids and Children of all ages. Yoga is an ancient system of physical exercise originated in India. According to several studies it is found that Yoga practices in children helps to encourage a healthy lifestyle for the children as they grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. Yoga is a powerful technique to develop important skills in a fun and non-competitive environment. Yoga for Kids is helpful for developing focus, calmness and body awareness.

Yoga Asanas and Postures for Children

Children can start doing some basic yoga asanas from the age of five and a 15 - 20 minute session is adequate to get them started. For older children, this can be gradually increased to half an hour or more. Various kids yoga asanas, involving stretching and bending, help in relaxing tensed or contracted body muscles. As these poses are carried out in slow and rhythmic repetition, they are extremely beneficial for toning the body and massaging the internal organs. Some yoga postures for kids are sunrise/sunset pose, butterfly pose, lion pose, warrior pose, tree pose, eagle pose, Natarajasana and dog pose.

Benefits of Yoga for Kids & Children

1) Practicing yoga strengthens the children and helps them become more flexible and coordinated.
2) Yoga enhances self-awareness in children. It boosts up their self-confidence, as the children gain control over their bodies and minds.
3) Yoga teaches self-discipline.
4) Yoga helps children reduce stress and deal effectively with stressful situations.
5) Yoga is found helpful to improve digestion, removal of toxins and circulation in children.
6) Yoga aids in strengthening the musculature of the body, elongates the spine and promotes good posture.
7) Certain yoga postures help relieve gas and constipation.
8) Yoga helps improve breathing habits in kids
9) It strengthens the immune system of kids and children
10) Memory power and concentration skills are enhanced through yoga
11) Yoga increases trust, compassion, teamwork and leadership skills of the children
12) It helps in improving the overall immunity by restoring circulatory, respiratory and digestive vitality.
13) It is also beneficial for children suffering from down syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism.


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Christmas Party Ideas for Children

Here are few Christmas Party Ideas for Kids, Preschool Children and Teens to help them spruce up the Xmas bash at their place on this Christmas 2011 occasion. Kids Online World website is presenting some of the top Christmas theme party ideas for Kids and Children which can make wonders for your Xmas bash. Parents can also make use of these Christmas party tips to suggest their children on how to make the Xmas party an interesting one.

Kids Christmas Party Ideas for Xmas 2011

Christmas Carnival Theme - Set your home like a Carnival with some splendid lighting. Set up the tables with craft items so that the kids can come with Rudolph nose for everyone, sprigs of holly, stars and bells. Have an all inclusive arrangement so that everyone can participate in the carnival. Top top it off, have a parade and visit your neighbors to wish them. Lets draw everyone in your neighborhood into the party.

Reindeer Party - Request everyone to get Reindeer horns, and once inside, behave like a reindeer! Split a ping pong ball and paint it red to make a reindeer nose, if you don't know it yet. To top it up, play some reindeer games such as quizzes on Christmas and reindeer and forget your age for the day.

Christmas Forest Part - Children will certainly love this! Buy Xmas trees for children along with tinsel bows and ornaments to decorate each of them. Set up a gazebo outdoors and set up the forest in it. Decorate a big Xmas tree on the back, and set up all the small trees just decorated on the 'snow' you can buy in rows, with nametags for each tree. Now ask each of the tree owners to go to the forest and spot their tree, and decorate it with the articles they've been provided with. Top everything with a snowball fight. And you take cover!

Dessert Party - Make if you can. Or buy couple of nice desserts for an after concert dessert party. Catch hold of a menu, and try your hands with cupcake, and invite the kids to decorate it on their own with sprinkles and sugars. Put together cookie baskets and exchange/distribute it with friends, teachers, coaches and others. Arrange a coffee and cake party for your pals. Certainly they'll love it.

Santa Party - Another excellent theme to spruce up your Xmas bash. Decorate your home with Santa theme, and if you could, arrange a Santa to give away gifts to guests and children. Tell your invitees to turn up in Santa costumes or similar dresses. Certainly the portly one amongst the lot will steal the show in a Santa outfit. If someone could recite/sing Santa songs/poems, it can't get any more better. Have lots of balloons around, which you can burst as the party slowly winds down the night.

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Top 5 Christmas Books for Kids Children 2011

Here is the list of Top 5 Christmas Books for Kids and Children 2011! A Christmas book is a great gift item for children of all ages. And gifting your children something valuable on this Christmas 2011 brings the real joy of Xmas holidays. Wonderful array of Kids Christmas books are available for kids, teens and preschool children. Parents can choose from different types of Christmas books – Christmas folktales, Christmas legend books, Christmas stocking based books, and Xmas books related to Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas) stories. Here are some best Christmas books suggestions by Kids Online World Blog.

Top Five Christmas Books for Children to gift on Christmas 2011

Legend of the Christmas Stocking

Legend of the Christmas Stocking is a great book for kids and children of all ages. Written by Rick Osborne, Legend of the Christmas Stocking is an inspirational story of a wish come true. This Christmas book for Children tells a wonderful tale for Christmas about the origin of the hanging and filling of Christmas stockings. No wonder, the book become one of the best seller and also a favorite among top Christmas stories. Click Here to Buy Legend of Christmas Stocking from Amazon

Christmas Day in the Morning

Christmas Day in the Morning is a beautiful book written by Pearl S. Buck and illustrated by Mark Buehner. The book is one of the most Christmas story book you can gift to your kids or children on this Christmas holidays. In the Christmas Day in the Morning book, Pearl S. Buck illustrates the true meaning of the holidays in a very simple and beautiful language. A must buy on Xmas. Kids Online World website recommend this book for adults as well!

The Legend of St. Nicholas: A Story of Christmas Giving

One of the top rated Christmas Books for Children, The Legend of St. Nicholas: A Story of Christmas Giving is written by celebrated author Dandi Daley Mackall. This is a gentle Xmas book which introduces kids St. Nicholas in a very simple easy language. The story is a wonderful retelling of the best parts of the life of Saint Nicholas and also how the tradition of gift-giving began on Christmas. The book is beautifully illustrated and children will surely love to have it as a Christmas Gift.


The Night Before Christmas Pop-up

The Night Before Christmas Pop-up is a wonderful Xmas book for Children written by Clement Clarke Moore and illustrated by Robert Sabuda. This wonderful Christmas book for kids is rated as a masterpiece of art and wonder. No wonder, this Xmas story book is one of the top selling Christmas book of all times. The Night Before Christmas Pop-up is having 64 positive ratings from parents who bought the book for their kids as a Christmas gift.

The Legend of the Christmas Tree

One of the Christmas books bestseller, The Legend of the Christmas Tree was written by Rick Osborne and Pat Matuszak. The story is illustrated by Bill Dodge. The book is rated as an apt Xmas story for kids and preschool children. The Legend of the Christmas Tree tells the story of how the evergreen tree first become a symbol of holy Christmas.


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Gummibar Christmas Jollies for Kids

Check out Gummibär's newest EP, Christmas Jollies, out just in time for the holiday season! Sing and dance along with Gummibär as he does five of everyone's favorite Christmas carols in an adorable jolly jelly style. The EP is a digital release and is only available on iTunes and You can also listen to Christmas Jollies streaming from the website. Enjoy!

Christmas Jollies Track Listing

1) Jingle Bells
2) Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
3) Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
4) O Christmas Tree
5) Last Christmas


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Santa Claus Coloring Pages for Christmas 2011

Here are some free printable Santa Claus colouring pages for this Christmas 2011 holidays. These free Santa Claus coloring sheets will help kids and preschool children to give beautiful colours to Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas.

Download Free Colouring Pictures for Christmas

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How to Decorate Home for Christmas 2011

It is Christmas time and here are some ideas on How to Decorate your house for Christmas 2011 holidays. Everybody love Christmas decorations and will be looking for new Christmas home decorating tips and ideas. Here are the best indoor and outdoor Christmas home decorating tips for kids, children and parents!

Tips to Decorate your Home / House for Christmas

Decorating your home on Christmas is the best way to bring the joyous spirit of Christmas festive season right in to your house. Put together your creative talents, and decorate your home in a manner that will set the mood for the celebrations in your household for the whole of December. While most of us are never short of decoration ideas when it comes to the theme of Xmas, here are few low-cost suggestions to top up your creative ripples, and hope it helps at least some of you in some way to prepare for a decent Christmas season.  

Advance Preparations for Christmas 2011

While it is required to do the major home decoration works for Christmas in the last week prior to the D-day, some amount work must be done beforehand to set the tone, and ready one’s house to receive the celebration season. This is nothing but cleaning the home, and getting rid of all junk that you might have accumulated over the past year since New Year celebrations. Get your house painted, and buy new furniture, upholstery and paintings, if required, so that your home looks fresh, rejuvenated and vibrant to welcome the Santa Claus. 

Indoor Decoration Tips for Christmas

Christmas Tree - One of the most important indoor Christmas item is the Christmas tree. If you can lay your hands over a real tree, cut down to size, that will be great. If not, go for an artificial tree of suitable size, and decorate it with Christmas ornaments, ribbons of different colors, including red, plus glitters, blinking lights, and a pinch of artificial snow. Go for cotton if you can’t find anything to replicate the ‘snowy’ looks.

Christmas Flowers - Have flowers all round your house. If you can manage mistletoes and poinsettias, the traditional Christmas flowers, somehow, it can’t get any better. Floating petals in a large bowl of water is also a good idea to draw eyeballs.

Christmas Table - Stack Christmas books on one side of the table. For the visitors, let it be an educating experience as well. A collage of Christmas greeting cards, pictures, teddy bears dressed in Christmas stockings, colorful Xmas candles add to the splendor. Give special emphasis on decorating the Christmas Table, around which all the action is going to happen. 

Outdoor Decoration Tips for Christmas 2011

What is going on inside must reflect on the outside as well. Impressed by the Christmas outdoor decorations, you guests must be encouraged to step into your home. Use strands of glowing/flickering electric bulbs (or LEDs) to illuminate the exterior of your home as well as trees in the courtyard, if any. Don’t forget to adorn your doors welcoming the guests with beautiful wreaths. If possible, try to hang small Christmas ornaments on house trees to make it more appealing.

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Free Disney Mickey Mouse Coloring Christmas Pages for Kids Children

Here are some Free printable Disney Coloring Christmas Pages for Kids and Children. This Disney Coloring Pictures are for every children who love to give beautiful colours to their favourite Disney characters. Some of the most popular Disney characters include the Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto or Pluto the Pup. Here kids can download three Christmas related coloring pictures the first one Mickey Mouse with Christmas Gifts, the second one Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse dancing on Christmas Party, and Mickey,  Minnie Mouse, and Pluto checking their Christmas gifts on Xmas occasion.

Free Printable Disney Christmas Colouring Pages for Kids and Children

Mickey Mouse with Xmas Gifts Coloring Sheet
Mickey and Minnie Mouse Dancing Coloring Sheet

Colouring Picture of Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse and Pluto with Christmas Gifts

Best Christmas Gifts 2011 for Kids and Children

Christmas is a fun, holiday season for children and they always expect surprising Christmas gifts 2011 to celebrate this season. When you decide to buy some Christmas gifts for your child, you should spend little time and effort to find the perfect Xmas gift. By taking children's needs and preferences into consideration, you can find a best Christmas gift for them. You should know what type of gift will excite and amaze your children. Giving something that is extremely similar to their interest will add a special touch to this Christmas season.

Best Christmas Gifts Ideas for Kids and Children of All Ages

Christmas Gift Baskets - Gift baskets filled with chocolates, cookies and sweets are favorite Christmas gifts 2011 that children always enjoy to receive. You can buy these pleasurable delicacies packaged in Christmas colored tins and boxes.

Christmas Toys Collection - Another most loved Christmas gifts for kids are toys. You can choose from a wide array of dolls, building blocks, push and pull toys, stuffed animals, play tools, puzzles, football or cricket game sets, Christmas costumes, and apparels. Gifts such as roller-skates, outdoor game sets, sport items such as basket hoop etc are ideal Christmas gifts for children.

Traditional Christmas Gifts

Some of the traditional Christmas gift ideas include Christmas Stockings, chess game, card games, dominoes, jacks, snakes and ladders, skipping ropes, table tennis set and more. A Christmas Teddy Bear, Dollhouse, a box of yummy chocolates are some of the popular traditional Christmas gifts you can buy.

Kids Christmas Activity Gifts - Art supplies are best Christmas gifts for creative children. Coloring books, clay, non-toxic paints, markers and other crafts are perfect gift items. You can also choose art kits for decorating various items. Some of the excellent gift ideas include crystal growing kit, butterfly garden kit, piggy bank decoration kit and beading or jewelry kits.

Personalized Christmas Gifts – Xmas Gifts personalized with child’s name and little messages make them feel they are so special. You can buy custom furniture such as rocking chair or step stool, personalized with his or her name. Personalized bracelets with first name or initial would be a perfect gift item. Personalized baseball bat with name on handle can be a perfect Christmas gift your child. You can also choose personalized pencils/crayons/markers cases, tote bags, backpacks and laminated Disney placemats to gift your little one this Christmas season.

One of the simplest and easiest ways to find best Christmas gifts for children is to visit online shopping malls such as Amazon. Amazon online stores have everything you need for your children.

Cute Babies Pictures - Kids Wallpapers

Here are some lovely pictures of Cute babies, kids and children. Kids Online World loves kids and we will be posting more and more kids wallpapers and cute babies pictures regularly.

If you would love to add your kids photos or images in the site, feel free to send your kids pictures to kidsonlineworld AT gmail DOT com

Picture of a cute baby playing in water while bathing

Picture of Cute Babies Sleeping

Lovely Boy Baby Picture - So Cute!

Christmas 2011 Coloring Pages for Kids - Children

Here are some free Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids and Children for this Merry Christmas 2011 season. Kids can save these free printable Christmas Colouring Pages to their computers and make a print out and give them beautiful colors! Below are the free Xmas coloring pictures for children.

Christmas Santa Claus Picture for Coloring
Free Christmas Deer Pictures for Kids Colouring

Give Colour to this Xmas Tree Picture

Best Brain Exercises for Kids Children

Here are some of the best Brain Exercises for Kids and children to help them develop their mental abilities. The thoughts and behavioral patterns of children grow with them. Mental exercises for children helps to enhance the mental capacity of kids. Below are some of the best proven brain exercises for children which help them to develop their intellectual skills.

Crossword Puzzles / Word Searches Games for Children

A number of books that contain word searches and crosswords are designed mainly for children. These should be properly utilized to improve the capabilities of the children and to exercise their brains. Further, these kinds of activities enhance concentration and make the children think for the answer. Crossword puzzle is considered as a family activity, involving the family members in the game which make them more interested. It is found that children, who do such activities regularly, attain a better logical thinking than those who do not.

Memory Exercises for Kids

Pastime with memory exercises is one of the easiest brain exercises for children. Parents can teach how to spell their names, to remember their phone numbers and addresses. Besides, remembering poems, songs, and the names from family trees also help them to improve their memory capacity. This interesting brain activity helps children to have a better focus and keep hold of information. Memorizing is an important skill as the subjects such as Mathematics or science are based on remembrance.

Write or Draw Left-Handed (Or Right-Handed)

Another interesting brain developing activity for children is making them to use their least active hand for writing or drawing. You can ask them to draw one half of a picture with the most active hand and let them complete the other half with the other hand. This can be a good learning opportunity for children and also improves both sides of their brain to work together. These kinds of brain activities help effectively to develop the most important part of their body.

Reading Books

Reading books and magazines is considered as one of the best methods to enhance the development of children. Children should be encouraged for reading books as they not only bring fun but also helps to develop their vocabulary and language using skills.

Electronic Brain Games and Computer Games

Computers play a vital part in everyday life. The use of computers in this day and age is noteworthy. Children can be taught useful information from the internet. Computer education has become an important module in schools and the children must be trained on its usage.

Disney Christmas Wallpapers Pictures 2011

Here are some Kids Disney Christmas wallpapers and pictures for Merry Christmas 2011. Children and Kids love to put Disney wallpapers in their computer desktop and laptops - just right click and save these beautiful Disney Micky Mouse, Donald Duck wallpapers and use them as desktop wallpapers in this Xmas season.

Merry Christmas Picture
Mickey Mouse Wallpaper for Christmas

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