English One Word Substitutes Quiz Part 1

English One Word Substitutes Quiz for Kids, Children, students and for those who are preparing for competitive examinations. Learning English one word substitutions will help kids and students of all ages to improve their Vocabulary and learn new English words and phrases. Kids Online World blog is presenting this English vocabulary Quiz for everyone who wishes to improve their command in English language. This is also a part of ESL and EFL study.

English One Word Substitutes Quiz Part 1

1) To talk much without coming to the point

A) Circumlocution
B) Verbosity
C) Loquacity
D) Garrulousness

2) Creature equally comfortable on land and water

A) Aquatic
B) Reptile
C) Amphibian
D) Aquarium

3) A person of material outlook indifferent to cultural events

A) Philistine
B) Uncouth
C) Uncultured
D) Materialist

4) One who is likable

A) Amiable
B) Amicable
C) Ebullient 
D) Effusive

5) Copy something exactly in order to deceive

A) Cygnet
B) Conscript
C) Postscript
D) Counterfeit

6) One who loves books

A) Bibliophile
B) Bibliophobe
C) Bibliographer
D) Bibliophagist

7) An unmarried woman

A) Spinster
B) Bachelor
C) Miser
D) Messrs

8) A place where birds are kept

A) Attic
B) Nursery
C) Zoo
D) Aviary

9) Animals that feed on grass

A) Herbivorous
B) Carnivorous
C) Graminivorous
D) Agrarian

10) One who loves mankind

A) Anthropologist
B) Philanthropist
C) Optometrist
D) Seismologist

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Answers to English One Word Substitutes Quiz Part 1 Answers

1) A) Circumlocution
2) C) Amphibian
3) A) Philistine
4) A) Amiable
5) D) Counterfeit
6) A) Bibliophile
7) A) Spinster
8) D) Aviary
9) A) Herbivorous
10) B) Philanthropist