Christmas Festival & Celebration

December is the month of celebration as Merry Christmas falls on this month annually.  People across the world celebrate the joy of Christmas and in India, Christmas is celebrated during December 25th of every year. Christmas is the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ who was born as the son of Marry and Joseph in Bethlehem. Jesus is the symbol of eternal love. In His memory we are celebrating Christmas throughout the world. Christmas is the festival of love, joy and happiness.

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas celebrations start from the first week of December.  During Christmas month people decorate their home with beautiful Christmas stars, X’mas trees adorned with Christmas balls and dolls. There are also competition among people in decorated their homes with Crib (Pulkoodu in Malayalam language). Crib is a baby bed with high sides made of slats. It is believed that Lord Jesus is born in a Crib. We can see beautifully decorated Cribs in front of every house, Churches and in public places as a part of celebration. The roads are lighted up with colorful lights, Christmas shopping malls, Greeting Cards shops, Christmas sweets. We can see people rushing in roads to see the Christmas nights and to enjoy and celebrate their Christmas Eve. They exchange gifts and sweets to share joy and happiness. Christmas cake is an unavoidable sweet which everyone shares each other in this special occasion. Children are presented with Christmas gifts such as Christmas cards, Christmas toys and Christmas dress.