Barbie as the Island Princess Pictures Download Free

Barbie as the Island Princess is a Barbie Animated Fantasy movie for Kids of all ages.  Here are some pictures of the movie stills which your kids will like most. In the movie, Barbie is disguised as a beautiful island girl who lost her parents and was lived alone in an island with her animals friends. After some years, a Prince who came to the island taken her to land. They fall in love with each other, but the Prince parents are not ready to accept an island girl.  In climax island girl found her parents and was married to Prince.  This is a beautiful movie from barbie so if at all gets a chance to see the movie then don't miss this one.

Barbie as Island girl Rosella - Ro and Prince Antonio

Barbie as Princess Rosella and Prince Antonio in the movie Barbie as the Island Princess

Ro sella and Prince Antonio during the ball ceremony in Barbie as the Island Princess animated movie

Barbie as Island Princess Ro and Friends Sagi Tika Azul