Children's Quiz on Animal Sounds - Free Quiz for Kids

Free Online Quiz for Children on Animal Sounds related topic. Kids Quiz related to Animal Sounds. Here you can find one question and 4 choices of which you need to find the correct answer for the quiz question. Answers to the Kids Animal Sounds Quiz is given below after the 10 questions. Check the answer you wrote with the correct answers and see how many questions you correctly answered.

Kids Quiz on Animal Sounds Topics - 10 Quiz Questions & Answers

1) A Bird:

a) Buzzes
b) Sings
c) Purrs
d) Chuckles

2) The Elephant's sound is also the name of a musical instrument. What is it?

a) Trumpet
b) Yelp
c) Grunt
d) Click

3) Pigs always:

a) Gobble
b) Chatter
c) Grunt
d) Moo

4) An Ape:

a) Gibbers
b) Cackles
c) Bleats
d) Talks

5) The Hyena makes a sound that resembles a human emotion. What is it called?

a) Cry
b) Talk
c) Laugh
d) Hoot

6) What sound do Lambs make when they call each other?

a) Cackle
b) Cluck
c) Squeak
d) Bleat

7) The Dolphin sound is called:

a) Coo
b) Click
c) Talk
d) Hoot

8) A Cock:

a) Cackles
b) Crows
c) Croaks
d) Roars

9) A Fox:

a) Yelps
b) Bleats
c) Hoots
d) Coos

10) A Turkey:

a) Quacks
b) Neighs
c) Gobbles
d) Gibbers

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Answers to Children's Quiz – Animal Sounds Topic

1) (b) Sings
2) (a) Trumpet
3) (c) Grunt
4) (a) Gibbers
5) (c) Laugh
6) (d) Bleat
7) (b) Click
8) (b) Crows
9) (a) Yelps
10) (c) Gobbles


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