Free Kids World Currencies Quiz - Children Quizzes on World Curriencies

Here is the 2nd Part of Free Online Kids Quiz of World Currencies – Currency Quiz for Children Quizzes. In this Kids Currencies Quiz Part II there will be 10 Questions and Answers on the currencies used by the 10 countries in the world. This General Knowledge Quizzes for Children will help kids to learn about the different nations in the world and the currencies used by them.

Answers to the Free Online Currency Quiz are given below after the 10 Question. So Kids, get ready and start now!

World’s Currency Quiz for Children - Kids Online Currency Quiz Part 2

1) The Currency in Italy is

A) Euro
B) Pound
C) Peso
D) Real

2) The Currency of Bangladesh is

A) Rupee
B) Taka
C) Dinar
D) Dollar

3) The Currency of Saudi Arabia is

A) Dinar
B) Dirham
C) Riyal
D) Ringitt

4) The Currency of Brazil is

A) Real
B) Pound
C) Euro
D) Franc

5) The Currency of Argentina is

A) Dinar
B) Dollar
C) Peso
D) Real

6) The Currency of Thailand is

A) Baht
B) Ringitt
C) Rupee
D) Shilling

7) The Currency of Sri Lanka is

A) Shilling
B) Rupee
C) Real
D) Rupiah

8) The Currency of China is

A) Yen
B) Yuan
C) Rupiah
D) Real

9) The Currency of Singapore is

A) Shilling
B) European Euro
C) Singapore Pound
D) Singapore Dollar

10) The Currency of Turkey is

A) Dinar
B) New Lira
C) Dirham
D) Kroner


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Answers to Online Free Kids World Currency Quiz Part II

1) (A) Euro (Euro is represented using the letter “€”. Euro is used as the currency in 13 countries of the European Union - France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, Belgium, Finland, Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Slovenia."

2) (B) Taka or Tk"

3) (C) Riyal or SRls

4) (A) Real (BRL - Brazil Real)

5) (C) Peso

6) (A) "The Baht or Bht or Bt"

7) (B) Rupee

8) (B) Yuan

9) (D) Singapore Dollar (SGD)

10) (B) New Lira or YTL


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