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Free Olympic Quiz for Children. This is a Free General Knowledge Quiz for Kids on Olympics related topics. This Online Olympics Quizzes for Children will help kids to learn more about Olympics Sports and Olympics Events. This Olympic Games Trivia Quiz helps to improve the knowledge of Children in Olympic History Ancient and Modern Olympics.

Kids Online Olympic Quiz - 11 Questions and Answers

Free Online Kids Olympics Quiz - Olympics Quizzes for Children Part II

1) Who won the Men's Singles title when Tennis made a comeback in Olympics in 1988

A) Marc Rosset
B) Stefan Edberf
C) Miloslav Mecir
D) Tim Mayotte

2) Which of these has not been an official Olympic sport?

A) Skateboarding
B) Underwater Swimming
C) Power Boating
D) Live Pigeon Shooting

3) Whom did Leander Paes beat to win bronze at the Atlanta Olympics?

A) Thomas Ebgvist
B) Jaime Yzaga
C) Fernando Meligeni
D) Sergi Bruguera

4) Which of these Hollywood stars won gold in Olympic swimming?

A) John Candy
B) Buster Crabbe
C) Clark Gable
D) Paul Newman

5) In which Olympics did Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci achieve as many as 7 perfect 10s?

A) 1984 - Los Angeles Olympics
B) 1972 - Munich Olympics
C) 1980 – Moscow Olympics
D) 1976 - Montreal Olympics

6) By what name is the Paralympic sport of Wheelchair Rubgy also known?

A) Wheelieball
B) Murderball
C) Rollerball
D) Chairball

7) In which Olympics Games did India win their first Gold medal in Hockey?

A) 1928 - Amsterdam Olympics
B) 1932 - Los Angeles Olympics
C) 1936 - Berlin Olympics
D) 1948 – London Olympics

8) Which two sports does the Winter Olympic event of biathlon combine?

A) Curling & Gymnastics
B) Ice Skating & Archery
C) Cross-Country Skiing & Shooting
D) Ski Jumping & Weightlifting

9) The 1956 games were held in Melbourne. But where was the equestrian event of these games held

A) Athens
B) Helsiki
C) Oslo
D) Stockholm

10) Which of these is not a fencing weapon?

A) Scimitar
B) Foil
C) Sabre
D) Épéé

Answer: Scimitar

11) The word 'Taekwondo' means:

A) The Path to Enlightenment and Truth
B) To Kill With Your Bare Hands
C) Man Who Catches Flies With Chopsticks Can Accomplish Anything
D) The Way of the Foot and the Fist


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Answers to Online Free Kids Olympics Quiz Part II

1) (C) Miloslav Mecir
2) (A) Skateboarding (Skateboarding has never been in the Olympics, but is being considered for London 2012.)
3) (C) Fernando Meligeni
4) B) Buster Crabbe
5) D) 1976 - Montreal Olympics
6) B) Murderball
7) A) 1928 - Amsterdam Olympics
8) C) Cross-Country Skiing & Shooting
9) D) Stockholm
10) A) Scimitar (Scimitar is a Middle Eastern sword with a curved blade, but they're not used in fencing.)
11) D) The Way of the Foot and the Fist (Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Arts sports which has been introduced as a demonstration sport during the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games)


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