Free Online Kids Quiz of World Currencies – Currency of the World Quiz for Children

Free Online Quiz for Children Currency of the World. This is the first part of Children Quizzes on Currency of the World. In this Kids Currencies Quiz there will be 10 Questions and Answers on the currencies used by the 10 countries in the world. This General Knowledge Quizzes for Children will help kids to learn about the different nations in the world and the currencies used by them.

Answers to the Free Online Currency Quiz are given below after the 10 Question. So Kids, get ready and start now!

Kids Online Currency Quiz – World’s Currency Quiz for Children Part 1

1) The Currency of United States is

A) Euro
B) Yen
C) Dollar
D) Peso

2) The Currency of United Kingdom is

A) Pound
B) Euro
C) Franc
D) Yuan

3) The Currency of Russia is

A) Ruble
B) Euro
C) Pound
D) Dollar

4) The Currency of South Africa is

A) Dinar
B) Kroner
C) New Lira
D) Rand

5) The Currency of Greece is

A) Real
B) Pound
C) Euro
D) Shilling

6) The Currency of India is

A) Rupiah
B) Rupee
C) Dollar
D) Euro

7) The Currency of Japan is

A) Rupiah
B) Yuan
C) Yen
D) Euro

8) The Currency of Switzerland is

A) Euro
B) Pound
C) Swiss Dollar
D) Swiss Franc

9) The Currency of Indonesia is

A) Rupee
B) Rupiah
C) Dinar
D) Real

10) The Currency of France is

A) Franc
B) Euro
C) Pound
D) Dollar


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Answers to Online Free Kids World Currency Quiz Part I

1) (C) US Dollar or US$ (US Dollar is the main currency used for international transaction.

2) (A) Pound (Pound is represented using the letter “£”. UK is one of the 13 countries of the European Union which still uses its own currency, the pound. Other countries in the European Union use Euro (€) as their currency).

3) (A) Ruble

4) (D) Rand or ZAR

5) (C) Euro (Greece is one of the 13 countries of the European Union which uses Euro as the currency)

6) (B) Rupee or INR. There are several other countries in the South Asian region which also uses Rupee as the currency. The symbol of the Sri Lankan Rupee is SLR, Nepal is NRs, and Pakistani Rupee is PKR.

7) (C) Yen, or ¥

8) (D) Swiss Franc (CHF)

9) (B) Rupiah or Rp

10) (B) Euro (Euro is represented using the letter “€”. Euro is used as the currency in 13 countries of the European Union - France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, Belgium, Finland, Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Slovenia."


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