Funny Kids Riddles – Children Fun Riddles

Funny Kids Riddles – Fun Riddles for Children

1) It was the year 500 AD at Camelot. Two priests are sitting in a castle’s chapel. The queen suddenly attacks the king. The two priests rise, shake hands, and leave the room. Why?

The priests are playing chess.

2) What do you call an ant that skips school?

A truant.

3) What asks no question but demands an answer?

A doorbell OR A telephone!

4) What is the biggest ant in the world?

An elephant.

5) Pull one out and scratch my head. What once was red is black instead. What am I?

A match!

6) What runs all day, but never walks
Often murmurs, never talks
Has a bed, but never sleeps
Has a mouth, but never eats?

A river!

7) What kind of ant is good at math?

An accountant.


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