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Free Online Computer Quiz for Children. This is a Kids Quiz on Computer related topics. Some simple yet informative topics which children must be aware of related to Computers. This free online computer quiz for kids features 10 questions and answers on different computer related topics. The answers to the Kids Quiz are given after the 10 questions.

Online Computer Quiz For Kids Part 1

1) Which one of the following stores large amount of information?

A) Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)
B) Compact Disk (CD)
C) Floppy Disk
D) Pen Drive

2) What Key combination are used when the computer is not responding?

A) Ctrl + Alt + G
B) Ctrl + Shift + Del
C) Ctrl + Alt + Del
D) Ctrl + Space + Del

3) Which of these can be called as the brain of computer?

C) Floppy Disk

4) What does RAM mean?

A) Right Access Memory
B) Random Access Memory
C) Read All Messages
D) Radio All Memory

5) HTML is an acronym for

A) High Text Markup Loop
B) Hypertext Mobile Language
C) Hypertext Markup Language
D) None of the above

6) The earliest computers were?

A) Embedded Computer
B) Abacus
C) Calculators
D) Super Computers

7) What does the "F" mean on the F1, F2, F3, etc in Keyboards?

A) Function
B) Format
C) File
D) Find

8) WWW is the acronym of

A) Wide World Web
B) Web Wide World
C) World Web Wide
D) World Wide Web

9) Which of the following is NOT an input unit?

A) Mouse
B) Scanner
C) Printer
D) Keyboard

10) The full form of CPU is

A) Central Processing Unit
B) Central Process Unit
C) Computer Processing Unit
D) Check Processing Unit

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Answers to Free Computer Quiz for Kids

1) A) Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)
2) C) Ctrl + Alt + Del
3) D) CPU
4) B) Random Access Memory
5) C) Hypertext Markup Language
6) B) Abacus
7) A) Function
8) D) World Wide Web
9) C) Printer
10) A) Central Processing Unit


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