Best Christmas Gifts for Girls 2011

Christmas is an occasion of giving and people enjoy presenting special gifts to their beloved ones on this season. But when thinking to gift something to your children, it must be a perfect one that they love and enjoy. Xmas toys are best gift choice for children. There are a variety of 2011 Christmas Toys available for your children to celebrate this holiday season. Christmas special toys are available for both girls and boys of all ages. In this article we will have a look at the best Christmas toys for Girls – whether it is big girl toys or little girl toys - to present during Merry Christmas 2011. Click here for Best Christmas Books for Children

Top Christmas Toys for Girls for Merry Christmas 2011

As Christmas is a special occasion, your precious little girl deserves something really special. Gift her with a wonderful Christmas toy on this special occasion of Christmas 2011. Girls’ favorite toys options include dolls, teddy bears, tiny make-up box, story books, musical instruments and more.

Barbie Dolls - Lovely Barbie dolls are always girl’s favorites. A Barbie doll set would be the perfect Christmas toy for your little girl. You can choose from Barbie Princess Liana Singing Dolls or the latest Barbie Fashionistas collection. The Barbie Fashionistas offer a collection of distinct personality fashion dolls namely Girly, Glam, Wild, Cute, Artsy, and Sassy.

Penbo – Penbo is another top Xmas toy for girls. Penbo is a beautiful robotic penguin which responds to your kids actions by blinking her eyes, flaps her wings, and even waddles around! With Penbo robotic penguin toy your children can play five games including hide and seek.

Fur Real Biscuit, My Lovin' Pup - A perfect Christmas toy for your little one. Cute Biscuit is similar to a real puppy. It listens to six different voice commands and responds with natural animatronics.

Elmo-Live - Elmo live is an amazing Christmas toy for girls with realistic Muppet actions, telling stories and jokes, also wave arms, sit and stand, cross legs, and many more.

Littlest Pet Shop - The Littlest Pet Shop comes with 10 packs of small toy pets for kids. Littlest Pet Shop will be an excellent Merry Christmas gift for girls over the age of 4.

Xbox 360 Console - Xbox 360 Console is another beautiful game loved by both boys and girls of all ages. Xbox 360 Console has games for everyone, and hence is definitely one of the best Christmas gifts for Children.

Baby Born with Magic Potty - The newest Baby Born is one of the excellent Christmas toys for your little daughter. It features eight different movements, including drinking from bottle, eating, crying and more. By placing the doll on the magic potty it plays music and also provides a flushing sound.