How to Handle a Newborn Baby

Taking care of a newborn baby is really an amazing and exciting experience for any mom. Newborn babies need special attention and you need to understand your baby’s language and take good baby care. Especially, first time parents are greatly excited about newborn baby care. From feeding to diapering, sleeping and beyond, you require a good knowledge in taking care of your newborn baby. Here are some best know tips to caring your newborn baby.

Establish a Normal Routine with Your Newborn

At first, you have to hold the baby properly. When you carry up and lay down the newborn baby, carefully support baby’s head and neck. Feeding the newborn is vital in baby care. The healthiest way to feed a newborn is breastfeed and breast milk is perfect for newborn’s digestive system. Breast feeding meets both nutritional and emotional needs of newborn baby. It is necessary to feed your newborn in every 3 to 4 hours and more often for premature babies. It is important to burp the baby frequently after each feeding.

A proper sleep is essential for newborn babies. Generally, newborn babies sleep about 16 hours in a day.

Dressing and Diapering the Newborn

Choosing the right clothes for your newborn is important. Make sure to select the clothes that ensure complete comfort for your baby. Clothes should have large necklines to easily put on and takeoff over the baby’s head. T-shirts with side snaps are best for newborn babies – both boy child and girl child. Diapers are inevitable for your newborn. As the softest diaper may be allergenic to your newborn, there is chance to develop diaper rashes. It is good to use a rash cream before diapering. Always choose recognized diaper brands to ensure safety for your baby.

Baby Bathing and Baby Skin Care

First time moms always scared of bathing their newborn babies. Sponge bath is preferred for newborns, for about first 15 days. After that you can give a proper, daily bath for your newborn. Before giving proper bath, it is important to heal the umbilical cord stump area completely to avoid the infection. It is necessary to keep stump area dry all times. Good skin care is necessary for newborn babies. As newborn’s skin is very delicate, you have to choose skin care products such as oil, lotions and creams carefully.

If you find something complicated in baby’s sleeping patterns or feeding schedules or anything, you can contact your healthcare provider. You will also get essential fundamentals of newborn baby care through useful online resources from similar Kids websites.

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