Kids Internet Quiz on Computer Questions

Hi Children, here is a free online internet quiz with questions and answers to widely used words in the Internet. This computer internet quiz will help kids and children of all ages to learn more about internet. The first part of kids internet quiz will have 10 questions and answers on different internet related quizzes topics.

Internet Related Quiz Questions and Answers

1) The name of the Microsoft search engine released in 2009 is?

A) Microsoft Search
B) Bing
C) Ming

The speed of your internet access is defined in terms of

A) Megabytes (MB)
B) Mbps
C) Kilobytes (KB)
D) Kbps

3) FTP is the acronym of

A) Find Transfer Protocol
B) File Transfer Protocol
C) Form Transfer Protocol
D) None of These

4) Which is the basic language used for creating web pages?


5) How many Mega Bytes (MB) are equal to one Giga Byte

A) 1000
B) 1024
C) 1036
D) 1048

6) is a

A) Operating System
B) Online Chat Service
C) Search Engine
D) Web Hosting Company

7) A website address is usually referred as

B) Hypertext
C) Link

8) First Computer Virus

A) Gappi
B) Meleesa
C) Elk Cloner
D) Apple

9) What does the word “Shouting” means in the internet world?

A) Sending emails without any subject
B) Sending emails in all small letters
C) Sending unnecessary forwards
D) Sending emails in all capital letters

10) A word that looks underlined on a web page is usually

A) The website address
B) An important word
C) A link to another web page
D) A mistake


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Answers to Children Internet Quiz Part I

1) B) Bing
2) D) – Kbps (Kilobit Per Second)
3) B) File Transfer Protocol
4) D) HTML
5) B) 1024
6) C) Search Engine
7) A) URL (URL is the short form of Uniform Resource Locator)
8) C) Elk Cloner
9) D) Sending emails in all capital letters
10) C) A link to another web page


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