Benefits of Yoga for Kids & Children

Here are some of the major benefits of Yoga for Kids and Children of all ages. Yoga is an ancient system of physical exercise originated in India. According to several studies it is found that Yoga practices in children helps to encourage a healthy lifestyle for the children as they grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. Yoga is a powerful technique to develop important skills in a fun and non-competitive environment. Yoga for Kids is helpful for developing focus, calmness and body awareness.

Yoga Asanas and Postures for Children

Children can start doing some basic yoga asanas from the age of five and a 15 - 20 minute session is adequate to get them started. For older children, this can be gradually increased to half an hour or more. Various kids yoga asanas, involving stretching and bending, help in relaxing tensed or contracted body muscles. As these poses are carried out in slow and rhythmic repetition, they are extremely beneficial for toning the body and massaging the internal organs. Some yoga postures for kids are sunrise/sunset pose, butterfly pose, lion pose, warrior pose, tree pose, eagle pose, Natarajasana and dog pose.

Benefits of Yoga for Kids & Children

1) Practicing yoga strengthens the children and helps them become more flexible and coordinated.
2) Yoga enhances self-awareness in children. It boosts up their self-confidence, as the children gain control over their bodies and minds.
3) Yoga teaches self-discipline.
4) Yoga helps children reduce stress and deal effectively with stressful situations.
5) Yoga is found helpful to improve digestion, removal of toxins and circulation in children.
6) Yoga aids in strengthening the musculature of the body, elongates the spine and promotes good posture.
7) Certain yoga postures help relieve gas and constipation.
8) Yoga helps improve breathing habits in kids
9) It strengthens the immune system of kids and children
10) Memory power and concentration skills are enhanced through yoga
11) Yoga increases trust, compassion, teamwork and leadership skills of the children
12) It helps in improving the overall immunity by restoring circulatory, respiratory and digestive vitality.
13) It is also beneficial for children suffering from down syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism.


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