Mary's Boy Child Jesus Christ – Christmas Songs Lyrics

Mary's Boy Child Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day is one of the most beautiful Christmas Songs by Boney M. is presenting the lyrics and video song of Mary's Boy Child Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day for kids to sing and enjoy during this Christmas 2010 occasion.

Mary's Boy Child Jesus Christ – Christmas Songs Lyrics

Mary's Boy Child Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day
And Man Will Live For Evermore Because Of Christmas Day
Long Time Ago In Bethlehem So The Holy Bible Said
Mary's Boy Child
Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day.
Hark Now Hear The Angels Sing
A King was Born Today
And Man Will Live For Evermore Because of Christmas Day
Mary's Boy Child
Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day.

Mary's Boy Child Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day Song Lyrics Picture

While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks
By Night They See A Bright New Shining Star
They Hear A Choir Sing A Song

The Music Seemed To Come From Afar

Hark Now Hear The Angels Sing
A King Was Born Today
And Man Will Live For Evermore Because Of Christmas Day
hm hm

For A Moment The World Was Aglow
All The Bells Rang Out
There Were Tears Of Joy And Laughter
People Shouted Let Everyone Know
There Is Hope For All To Find Peace.

How Joseph and his wife Mary came to Bethlehem that night
They found no place to bear her child not a single room was in sight
And then they found a little nook in a stable all forlorn
And in a manger cold and dark Mary's little boy was born
Hark now hear the angels sing
a King was born today
and man will live for evermore because of Christmas Day
Mary's Boy Child
Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day.

For A Moment The World Was Aglow

Oh My Lord
You Send Your Son To Save Us
Oh My Lord
Your Very Self You Gave Us
Oh My Lord
That Sin May Not Enslave Us
And Love May Reign Once More

Oh my Lord
When In The Crib They Found Him
Oh My Lord
A Golden Halo Crowned Him
Oh My Lord
They Gathered All Around Him
To See Him And Adore

Oh my Lord
With The Child's Adoration
Oh My Lord
There Came Great Jubilation
Oh My Lord
And Full Of Admiration
They Realized What They Had (Until The Sun Falls From The Sky)

Oh my Lord (well praise the Lord)
They Had Just Begun To Doubt You
Oh My Lord (He Is The Truth Forever)
What Did They Know About You.

Oh My Lord (so praise the Lord)
But They Were Lost Without You
They Needed You So Bad (His Light Is Shining On Us)

Oh my Lord (oh my Lord so praise the Lord)
With The Child's Adoration
Lord (oh my Lord
He Is A Persontion).
There Came Great Jubilation
Oh My Lord (so praise the Lord)
And Full Of Admiration
They Realized What They Had (until the sun falls from the sky)
E just can't go wrong.

You've got the right combination for me


Mary´s Boy Child Christmas Video Song – Boney M Christmas Video Songs

Best Christmas Books for Children 2011

Gift your children something valuable on this Christmas 2011. A Christmas book is a great gift item for any child. Wonderful array of Kids Christmas books are available for children of all ages. You can choose from different types of Christmas books – folktales or legend based books, Bible based books, books about the Nativity, books about Santa Claus and many more. Here are some best Christmas books for children suggestions by Kids Online World website are the following.

Top 5 Christmas Books for Children to gift on Christmas 2011

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas is an excellent Christmas story written by Clement C Moore and is available in two classic versions. This book is one of the most popular of Christmas titles, a precious gift for your children on this holiday season 2011. The Night Before Christmas beautifully illustrates the Santa and his travel on Christmas Eve. Click Here to Buy The Night Before Christmas Book

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a classic Christmas story by Dr. Seuss, perfect Christmas gift 2011 for your child. The story is about a Grinch who hated Christmas for a long time and how he learn the true meaning of Christmas. The story is the perfect one to be enjoyed and delights children of all ages. Click here to Buy How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The Polar Express

The Polar Express is a beautifully illustrated Christmas book written by Chris Van Allsburg. The story is about a child’s journey to see the Santa at the North Pole. A complete story that covers children’s Christmas, filled with Christmas trees, elves and Santa Clause. The catching story is a great choice for this holiday season. Click Here to Buy The Polar Express Book Online

A Wish for Wings That Work

Written by Berkeley Breathed, A Wish for Wings That Work is delightful tale about a penguin who wishes to fly. Through a series of mishaps on Christmas Eve, Santa grants the wish and his dream comes true. The story is different from traditional Christmas stories and a favorite choice for this Christmas season. Click here to buy A Wish for Wings That Work Book

Olivia Helps with Christmas

By Ian Falconer. The story is about a cute pig Olivia, preparing to celebrate Christmas. From setting-up tree to making dinner, she helps her family in complete Christmas works, and waits for Santa. The true beauty of Christmas is beautifully presented in this story. Click here to buy Olivia Helps with Christmas Book

You can buy Christmas books from retail book shops or online book stores such as Amazon. It is always a good idea to read online book reviews before buying Christmas books.

Here are some Christmas Books to Buy Online From Amazon

How to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

Kindergarten is the most significant milestone in a child’s school career. Transition to kindergarten is more struggling experience for children as they face new school, new teacher and new friends. Your child need to be more prepared for a new structured classroom environment. Parents or caregivers should do their part in helping the child to improve his or her educational readiness.

Before kindergarten enrollment, child should learn a variety of skills and behaviors such as literacy, math, motor skills, social and character building and cognitive or mental readiness. Preschool or nursery school program is a good practice for children before joining kindergarten school. Preschool learning helps them to learn to interact with other children, participate in activities and understand and follow directions.

Image Courtesy

Parent should consider the following things to prepare their child become ready for kindergarten.

1) When children are ready for kindergarten, they should be able to talk words and sentences. They should use language to interact, to play and to express needs. Children should also be able to name items such as animals, colors, body parts, toys, food and more. Pronunciation can be difficult for some children. Reading aloud may help your children in building many language skills such as reading and vocabulary building.

2) Children between 3-5 ages are not developmentally ready to write using pencil, but they can identify letters and numbers. It is good for a kindergarten-ready child to aware of all letters and numbers 1-10. Practice them for writing their names through fun ways such as in sand, finger paint, glitter crayons and so on. The willingness to write and draw is more important in this age. For numeral practice, you can create simple games such as go fish, bingo, play memory etc. Frequently refer calendar and talk about days of week and date. Use the objects all around in home to practice counting.

3) Physical development is also important before entering a kindergarten setting. Child should possess strong social and intellectual skills and you can help them in developing social skills. Allow them to spend time with other children talking and playing. Give small tasks to develop responsibility. Enable them to follow a daily routine, encourage them to share and so on.

4) Developing motor skill coordination is also significant. To develop fine motor skills, provide them with crayons, markers and paints to use and express their creativity. Allow them to tie, button, snap and zip their own clothing. Playing with Legos, bristle blocks and small building toys help to build motor skill.


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  1. Jacob
  2. Michael
  3. John
  4. David
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The Holly and the Ivy Christmas Song Lyrics & Video Song

The Holly and the Ivy is one of the most loved Christmas Carol and Christmas Songs sung during the Merry Christmas Eve. The Holly and The Ivy Song was first published in 1861 by Joshua Sylvester. Kids Online World provides you the lyrics and video song of this best Christmas Song for Merry Christmas 2010.

The Holly and The Ivy Lyrics – Christmas Song Lyrics

The holly and the ivy,
When they are both full grown,
Of all the trees that are in the wood,
The holly bears the crown:
The rising of the sun,
And the running of the dear,
The playing of the merry organ,
Sweet singing in the choir ...

The holly bears a blossom,
As white as lily flowers,
And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ
To be our sweet Saviour.
The rising of the sun ...

The holly bears a berry,
As red as any blood,
And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ
To do poor sinners good.
The rising of the sun ...


The Holly and the Ivy Video Song – Christmas Songs Videos


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Best Christmas Toys for Boys 2011 Gifts

Merry Christmas is an ideal occasion for gifting your loved ones and showing how much you love and care them. And when you think of buying some gift for your little boy you will always end up thinking which is the best gift you could buy for your children! Nowadays there are a wide variety of latest Christmas Toys 2011 and Christmas Gifts for Boys available in the stores. In this article we will have a look at the best 2011 Christmas toys for Boys to present during Merry Christmas 2011.

Click Here For a list of Best Christmas Toys for Girls

Top Christmas Toys for Boys - 2011 Latest Christmas Toys

Gift something really amazing to your active little boy on this special occasion. Boys will love to have action toys, console games, play stations and funky gadgets on this Christmas holidays.

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Tie Fighter

The LEGO Star Wars is one of the most popular video game created on the Star Wars themed toy line by the Lego Group. LEGO Star Wars has been around for more than a decade now.

The LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Tie Fighter is one of the favourite real firing action game created by LEGO Star and features a Darth Vader mini figure. LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Tie Fighter will surely be one of the best Christmas 2011 Toys for Boys.

Speed Racer Sky Jump Track Set

With excellent leaps and crashes, the complete track set creates all the thrills of Speed Racer movie.

Lego Track Turbo Remote-Controlled Car

The RC racer is perfect for young boys, features an air-intake, over-sized engine and spoiler.

Billy Fun Wheels Toy Car

Billy Fun Wheels is one of the best Christmas toys for boys for this Christmas 2010. Designed especially for preschooler kids, Billy Fun Wheels is a wonderful remote controlled car toy.

The car comes with 2 buttons control forward and reverse and a steering wheel which helps to turn the car to left or right. Billy Fun Wheels toy car will be a wonderful Christmas gift for boys.

Xbox 360 Console

Xbox 360 Console is one of the most popular video game console produced by Microsoft. Xbox 360 Console is not only a great Christmas Toy for boys of all ages but is definitely a gift for the entire family members. Xbox 360 Console has games for everyone and every child will love this game console.

Transformers Toys Action Figures

Transformers Toys Action Figures is a great Christmas toy for your little boy. He will have fun with various action figures such as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee or Devastator.

Star Wars Clone Trooper Voice Changer Helmet

Best choice for your adventurous little one. With three different play modes, your little one can take part in galactic adventures.

How to Choose the Best Baby Skin Care Products for your Little Ones

As the newborn babies have very fragile and sensitive skin, baby skin care products are necessary to enrich your baby’s skin and reduce irritations and rashes. It is important to protect your baby’s skin with safe baby skin care products. Baby’s skin is highly sensitive to chemicals and you have to choose the gentlest skin care products for your baby. Any factors such as chemicals, fragrances, dyes and detergents can cause harmful effects to your baby’s health.

When it comes to baby skin care, most mothers prefer natural baby skin care products. Natural skin care products do not contain additives or preservatives. A variety of natural skin products are available for baby’s body and hair care. You should take extra care when you purchase for baby soaps, baby creams, baby lotions, baby shampoos, body wash, baby laundry detergents and more.

Tips to select the Right Baby Skin Care Products for Your Little Ones

1) Massaging oils and lotions are necessary for your baby’s skin. When you choose oils, make sure it is free from petrochemical substances. Always choose products that contain gentle preservatives. Some baby lotions consists lanolin that contain relatively high percentage of pesticide. 

2) Never choose an antibacterial soap for your little one. You can choose baby soaps containing olive oil, coconut oil or herbal extracts. It is good to apply a gentle baby lotion after soaping.

3) Baby powders contain tiny particles, and fragrance in powder may cause allergy and irritation. You can choose a scent-free powder for your little one.

4) Choose detergents that are mild and baby friendly.

5) Mild kids shampoo products are best for your little one. Avoid baby shampoos containing synthetic fragrances, allergenic preservatives, artificial colors etc. Avoid baby shampoos containing Parabens, Phthalate, Propylene Glycols and Quaternium.

6) You can choose baby care products that include mild preservatives such as vitamins A, C, and E and phenoxyethanol.

7) Baby products containing nitrosamines, 1,4 dioxane and formaldehyde may cause irritation to baby’s skin.

8) It is always good to do a spot test before using a new baby care product. Apply a small amount of skin care product on your baby’s arm and monitor for a full day. If there are any red patches or any irregularity occurs on your baby’s skin, discontinue the product.

Most baby skin care products you found on shops are labeled as gentle. But before buying any kids skin care products , you should carefully read and understand the labels on baby skin care products. Always avoid baby skin care products with unknown ingredients.


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Looney Tunes Jingle Bells Song Sing-A-Long Lyrics

Watch the Jingle Bells video song from the famous hit album A Looney Tunes. Looney Tunes, often misspelled as "Looney Toons", is a Warner Brothers animated cartoon series for children which was shown in several movie theaters from 1930 to 1969. Watch A Looney Tunes Jingle Bells Christmas Song with Sing-A-Long Lyrics featuring all of kids favourite Looney Tunes characters singing the classic Merry Christmas holiday songs.


Looney Tunes Jingle Bells Video Songs – Kids Christmas Song


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Christmas Toys & Gifts

Best Christmas Toys for Girls


Best Christmas Gifts for Girls 2011

Christmas is an occasion of giving and people enjoy presenting special gifts to their beloved ones on this season. But when thinking to gift something to your children, it must be a perfect one that they love and enjoy. Xmas toys are best gift choice for children. There are a variety of 2011 Christmas Toys available for your children to celebrate this holiday season. Christmas special toys are available for both girls and boys of all ages. In this article we will have a look at the best Christmas toys for Girls – whether it is big girl toys or little girl toys - to present during Merry Christmas 2011. Click here for Best Christmas Books for Children

Top Christmas Toys for Girls for Merry Christmas 2011

As Christmas is a special occasion, your precious little girl deserves something really special. Gift her with a wonderful Christmas toy on this special occasion of Christmas 2011. Girls’ favorite toys options include dolls, teddy bears, tiny make-up box, story books, musical instruments and more.

Barbie Dolls - Lovely Barbie dolls are always girl’s favorites. A Barbie doll set would be the perfect Christmas toy for your little girl. You can choose from Barbie Princess Liana Singing Dolls or the latest Barbie Fashionistas collection. The Barbie Fashionistas offer a collection of distinct personality fashion dolls namely Girly, Glam, Wild, Cute, Artsy, and Sassy.

Penbo – Penbo is another top Xmas toy for girls. Penbo is a beautiful robotic penguin which responds to your kids actions by blinking her eyes, flaps her wings, and even waddles around! With Penbo robotic penguin toy your children can play five games including hide and seek.

Fur Real Biscuit, My Lovin' Pup - A perfect Christmas toy for your little one. Cute Biscuit is similar to a real puppy. It listens to six different voice commands and responds with natural animatronics.

Elmo-Live - Elmo live is an amazing Christmas toy for girls with realistic Muppet actions, telling stories and jokes, also wave arms, sit and stand, cross legs, and many more.

Littlest Pet Shop - The Littlest Pet Shop comes with 10 packs of small toy pets for kids. Littlest Pet Shop will be an excellent Merry Christmas gift for girls over the age of 4.

Xbox 360 Console - Xbox 360 Console is another beautiful game loved by both boys and girls of all ages. Xbox 360 Console has games for everyone, and hence is definitely one of the best Christmas gifts for Children.

Baby Born with Magic Potty - The newest Baby Born is one of the excellent Christmas toys for your little daughter. It features eight different movements, including drinking from bottle, eating, crying and more. By placing the doll on the magic potty it plays music and also provides a flushing sound.

Christmas Bells Coloring Pages for Kids

Jingle Bells Coloring Pages for Painting - Christmas Bells Coloring Pages for Kids & Children for Merry Christmas 2011. Children can right click and save the Jingle Bells Coloring picture to their computer, make a print out and paint it beautiful colors.

Santa Claus Free Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids

Here is one Santa Claus Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids. Children can save the Free Christmas Coloring Pages to their system and take a print to color Xmas Santa Claus.

Spider-Man Original Cartoon Theme Song Video

Watch the Original Spider-Man Cartoon TV Theme song broadcasted in the televisions in 1990’s. Spider-Man first appeared in the early 1960s in superhero comic books. Spiderman is Marvel Comics superhero fictional character shaped by writer and editor Stan Lee and artist and co-plotter Steve Ditko.

Spiderman Old Cartoon Theme Song

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Donald Duck Cartoon - All in a Nutshell Catoon

Free Donald Duck Cartoon Videos for Kids - Animation Cartoon Videos Online.

Donald Duck and Chip and Dale - All in a Nutshell Cartoon Video


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